mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The squee! heard round the world

Rivers of London to be televised! (Aaronovitch has already done his fantasy casting. Wonder if he'll do the scripts as well.)

And for added squeefulness, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is also a TV drama. Must see if one can watch that on the computer.

There's a book I meant to get from the library today. It's at my local. I read about it online-- oh no wait I didn't! Someone recommended it at dinner last night. And now I remember the title of the book and the author's name and what it's about, details you may be sure were not accessible to me at the library. Heat, in this case, not old age fuzz.

(Oh fine, LJ, don't load my userpics then. I'll do it from the edit function. *Told* you icons were a stupid way to do it.)
Tags: lj, reading, rivers

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