mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Unconsidered trifles

It's a rare June night that sees me kitted out in full winter sleeping gear, but last night was cold-- 10C eventually-- and the window fan is chill on my feet when they poke out from under the duvet, and I'm sleeping on cotton, not flannel. So, well, yes. Last night nothing showed of me but hands and face.

Tonight, of course, it's t-shirt and two fans going. Thus June.

Walked out this morning, saw my 90-something cross-street neighbour pulling weeds, went over to lend a hand. I will swear I had my blue-tinted sunglasses on when I did, but when I turned to go they were gone. Neighbour says I wasn't wearing them. Nor are they in the house, nor in the backpack of holding (that did so too have my hat in it even though it wasn't there when I went looking prior to leaving the house.) I've lost them a dozen times in the past two years; possibly they'll return.

Also something ate the poor scraggly beet plant on my back porch. Not the flourishing beets in the swimming pool, for which I suppose I should be grateful. But last week's cold has taken new energy from the weekend (no work over-ride that got me through 11:30 to 6 yesterday) and I feel soggy and dispirited. Shower, zombie!Sherlock story, and bed.
Tags: holmes, rl_13

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