mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I think I will not hang myself today 2

Reading the lj of, well, a certain person, I find her cursing her computer which is on the verge of crashing:

"La peste soit de cette infâme engeance moderne"

And I go Ohhhhh.... I actually and truly go weak at the knees and all squishy and wibbly inside when I read something like this, the way I used to with yaoi and don't any more. French is my real true love. French is the one I pine for and sigh after. Oh why didn't I marry French like my mother told me to? I could have been a grande dame even in my decline. I could have been elegant. I coulda bin a contendah.

But that's French French. I turn on CBC Francais and realize why I went with Japanese instead. But still, le sigh.
Tags: language, rl, rl_05

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