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What a lovely day. In the morning find I've won a copy of the new Melissa Scott, Death by Silver. In the evening, have dinner with petronia at a local loud upscale izakaya. S remarks that loud and rambunctious seems to be the mode for izakaya at least on this side of the Pacific. I mean, they're not upscale dining in Japan either, but I don't remember them going in for loud thumping music either.

Being in some people's company, even for an evening, is like being on vacation. It's exhilarating. I just wish I knew why some people feel like Elsewhere and others feel like Everyday; I don't think it's just familiarity or the lack of it, because I've been in Elsewhere people's company on a daily basis and they're still different. Part of it might be the difference between online friends met in RL, and strangers met in the flesh. There's so much more work involved in meeting the latter, that online interaction takes care of for you.

Otherwise is jacket-cool weather, meaning timeless no-time, because when has June ever been jacket-cool? (1996, is when; otherwise, occasionally in the 70s.) The topos of 'November with flowers' is familiar enough in May, but June just doesn't *do* that. And anyway, it's 'October with flowers.' I love it, whatever.

What have you just finished?
Lindsey Livingston, Darklight. Sequel to Wondrous Strange, pleasant messing about with Fae motifs and Shakespeare, and people failing to be as culpably dumb as stock plots would have them be ie the hero doesn't *really* believe the evil witch who shows him a vision of his girlfriend hugging another guy.

What are you currently reading?
John Bennett, Master Skylark, a classic 19th century children's story set in Shakespearian England. 19th century, meaning people could legitimately write landscape and nature and domestic details and no one snarked at them to get on with the plot. Also, though only just (see: Cue for Treason) people didn't write historical dialogue in present-day English. Whether it's pure Elizabethan I'm not qualified to say, but if not it's an excellent facsimile.

Kazuaki Tanahashi, Sky Above Great Wind.

What will you read next?
A buncha things laid up against my convalescence, including the sequel to Darklight, several Chinese mysteries, and a couple of Buddhist texts. Shall see how far I get with any of those.
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