mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hope betrayed maketh the heart sick

The fool hath said in her folly, Do not have to be up at 8 am tomorrow, meaning waking up at 6:30! That's asking for someone to call her at 6:30 to ask her to work an 11:30 shift. This is considered excessive lead time even by those at work. Then someone else calls at 8:10 asking her to work an 8:30 shift. This is considered excessively short notice except by me who calls it dead on normal. Neither is what I wanted after staying up to 1 a.m. reading Zen poetry.

But the day's miseries got themselves over with, including the 30C mug, the pressure-induced aches through the day, and a 2 hour post-work seminar. The evening is cooler than expected, and I am going to unplug my phone before going to bed.
Tags: rl_13

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