mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Zen shortcut

Am being reminded why I liked doing full-time shifts, as I am this week hisashiburi ni. Lack of sleep + busy all day = the stunned contentment of the very drugged. Am being reminded why people's idiocies didn't grate so much five years ago and more when I was doing full-time shifts. I was too drugged to care. (*Ten* years ago I could work up a good fannish froth, mind, but that was fandom, not 'that guy out the back with the open windows and the amplifiers.')

Mh yes. 'If solitary, be not idle.' Indeed.

Today was M's last day before he goes off to grade 1 in the fall. A winter baby, he's been at daycare for six years: very much the oldest inhabitant, and the perfect gentleman with it. There was a cake and presents for him and his fellow graduates at snack today, and two of the five-year-olds burst into tears on realizing that he wouldn't be coming back tomorrow. Such an accolade is a first in my 30-plus years at this job.
Tags: religion, rl_13

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