mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lovely day. A pity I devoted it to acquiring books instead of something more useful, but then I was perforce one-eyed all day, so usefulness was not to be come at. On the plus side the books are all from libraries that I walked to, so go me. Also passed flocks of people in the south Annex on the Doors Open walking tour of same. Doubtless interesting-- these are houses I ride by every working day and know nothing about-- but being in a herd of fifty or more bodies is not my idea of fun.

Shall be indoors tonight. Have made it a rule not to refuse work, since the last two times I did so, work immediately dried up all over; and the last time I accepted (foregoing a free showing of The Life of Pi) shifts then rained down on me. So now I'm afraid to say no. Would rather be indoors on the sofa at home instead of in one of those apartments whose owner clearly never reads at night (and with a toddler daughter, I see why.) But ah well. Is money. And I may have to take my lens out anyway, so no guarantee of reading even if at home. Or, well, I might, but then I'd be left with an experience similar to reading A Fisherman of the Inland Sea one-eyed last night, which left me in rather a bad mood.
Tags: reading, rl_13

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