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Wore my winter coat and neck warmer today, and only felt hot when in direct sun. This is my idea of heaven. The lilacs are preserved for the glorious 25th, after the past week's best attempts to get rid of them: sultry mid 20s/ mid 70s every day, torrential rain and gales every night (or afternoon, if Tues and Weds.)

In a week it will be 28C, so I make the most of this.

Doors Open this weekend; not sure if I'll go anywhere much. The down side of everything blooming still is that I can wear my contact a maximum three hours a day and then it itches uncontrollably. Being one-eyed is a pain.

Tuesday was out at East General seeing a specialist (plastic surgeon!) about this annoying bump on my finger. There's a name for annoying bump, that I forget, and they'll remove it for free on June 6; but a) I have to stay off anti-inflammatories (and chocolate! and ginger!) for a week beforehand and b) finger must stay bandaged and dry for a week after. Am not looking forward to the week before, since my knees hate me even with prescription meds. But the week after-- perforce a holiday, because one can't not wash hands in my profession-- will be happy indeed.
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