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Wednesday Reading Meme, again on Thursday

What have you just finished reading?
The Shadow Pavilion by Liz Williams. Memory wants me to believe that I read the first Inspector Chen mystery while convalescing nine years ago. Memory as ever has it wrong, but it was certainly a while, and two intervening volumes, back. I don't want to be a prat and say 'My, how Williams has improved!' but for sure I found this much happier reading than no.1 or indeed The Poison Master, the other one of hers that made no particular sense to me.

As for why a happy fun read that began on Sunday, wrapped in quilts and beanbags on the couch, should have taken me four days to finish in yesterday's high 70sF, I know not. Except that the delights of May seem to require me to take long walks among the blossoming trees, thus cutting into my reading time.

What are you currently reading?
Nishi Keiko, Kawaisou na Ohime-sama. A resolve to read Japanese and not bother with the Wordtank led me to pluck a manga from the shelf (after discarding Jane which, I'm sorry, requires Wordtanks for all the military terminology.) In another season would have finished this on Monday. Now, who knows?

Judith Merkle Riley, The Oracle Glass. Online recs and one-click library holds are so dangerous. (At least it's not bk1 and credit cards, which is an improvement over the last five years.) Enthusiastic book bloggers are so very tempting. Have learned finally that what [personal profile] rushthatspeaks loves I will not, so I'm kind of inoculated against their persuasiveness. This has not happened with [personal profile] skygiants, is why I'm reading Riley when I ought to be reading Rosemary and Rue-- which when opened proved to contain my lost Bakka token. Winsome, losesome.

Kate Ross, Whom the Gods Love. Because when I went out this morning Rosemary and Rue was upstairs and I already had my outdoor shoes on, so I grabbed something from the kitchen shelf and this was it and now I'm started on it and oh well, there's a theme of hist.fic happening here so I shall finish it.

What will you read next
Rosemary and Rue? Check next week to see if this is true.
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