mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Five Things Make a Post

1. Was pulled from bed this morning to do a shift. Walking bike down the block to where my street becomes (for one block) the direction I want to go in (look, they didn't ask the residents' opinion when they put in their stupid traffic maze) I heard the ke-thunk ke-thunk of a kid on a scooter behind me, heading to school. I pulled over to let him pass, and as he did so he called a cheerful 'Thank you!' There is hope for the human race after all.

2. The Japanese cover of Rivers of London features a rather young-looking Nightingale. Though IIRC, Nightingale doesn't look as old as he is. Still. Should have been Peter. (grump)

3. I didn't know what an inuksuk was, and now I do. Also that we have them in Toronto too.

4. I ploughed and hoed and weeded-- or at any rate, I dug peat moss and fertilizer into the swimming pool, and one of my beds that usually runs to violets, and a big red bucket, and planted acorn squash and beets. Both are said to want full sun, and the swimming pool gets only a bit of that and the bed not much more. But the tiny porch by the back door gets it full on. So last week I rescued a dilapidated table from someone's front yard and put it on the porch. Then I rousted out the bucket from the mud room (was also from a front lawn some years back, 'you never know when this will come in handy'-like.) Following internet instructions, I knocked holes in bucket, foraged for stones in the garden and lined the bottom with them, filled it with black earth and fertilizer, planted my squash there, and (now that we're about to go from last night's frost warnings to 23C and rain) put it up on the table where the sun may beat upon it, when we have sun again. We shall see what, if anything, grows where.

Will probably plant bok choy in pool, as well as a little lettuce. Swimming pool lettuce never tastes very good, *I* think, but the s-i-l likes it. OTOH s-i-l will be away half of the summer.

5. The Butler's Pantry on Markham has IME rather indifferent food. But their fishcakes I discover to be superb. I must work out a way of making my own, because even though TBP is not expensive, it's still a restaurant meal; and I must economize, now summer brings all the part-time workers back and I have half the number of hours I used to. I believe solaas had a recipe once upon a time. Then again, where solaas is, I suspect buying fish flesh is easier and cheaper than here.
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