mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Seasonal note

What a good thing it's too cold to have the windows open. The skunks are back, after a merciful absence of several years. -_-

OTOH the lilac bush displays a whole bunch of buds waiting to come out. There will be lilacs again, after a sad absence of several years. ^_^

Went to the farmers' market up at the Wychwood Barns this morning, hoping there'd actually be one by now. The walkways were all empty but people were thronging about with bags, from which I discover that the market happens inside through the unwelcoming months. And inside is more than just vegetables. There were two women- mother and daughter by the looks- selling Tibetan dumplings, which I had for brunch. There were jagnormous cinnamon buns, which I then had for dessert. And there's a woman who sells hanks of dyed wool, which I'm sorry I didn't know about last fall.

There were, alas, no goose eggs. Of the sellers I asked, one said 'Sometimes they get into the boxes by accident but usually I give them to my husband.' Maybe I hallucinated the goose eggs last year and they were really duck eggs all along?
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