mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Fava beans

There was a newspaper article about all the seasonal trendy foods in Toronto's trendy restaurants-- among others, white asparagus, fiddleheads, and fava beans. I can leave the first alone, dislike the taste of the second, and never had the third. So I bought a handful at the super (they are not cheap) and cooked them today. Delicious. Fun. (You have to pop them from their pods/ skins twice.) Like a cross between an edamame and a lima, but bigger and tastier than both. I wanted some more, preferably at a better price, but the little vegetable stores don't sell them. They do have them in tins-- pretty cheap tins, but beans are somehow never expensive.

But oh dear lord. The tinned ones are brown!! And taste vile! Nothing I've googled suggests there's a variety of brown-skinned fava, and the tin says fava/ broad bean, but I so Do Not Want.

And alas, favas must be grown before the hot weather starts-- 80F/ 27C. Since we reached 25C today, it's clearly too late to plant favas. Maybe next year...
Tags: food, rl_13

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