mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sunny Saturday

Went up to the fund-raising bazaar at the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre, where I've been precisely once, some twenty-four years ago or so. That time I asked the bus driver to tell me when we got to the stop; he didn't, but merrily trundled across the bridge over the Don Valley Parkway, which I had great ado to cross back. (Viz: helpful pedestrian agreed to walk between me and the guardrail so I couldn't see the dizzy-making cars speeding far below. I know streetview widens all roads, but I can't believe I crossed that bridge even with someone beside me.) Buses now have recorded stop announcements, but I double-checked with the driver as to the name of the JCCC's stop. He said he didn't know. 'But is there a stop at Garamond?' 'I don't know.' Sheesh.

Fortunately a number of right-looking people got on the (much delayed) bus with me. Just follow the crowd. Alas, the crowd all got off right after we turned onto Wynford Drive, heading to the wedding at the Korean Catholic Church there. Fortunately again, there *is* a bus stop where Garamond meets Wynford. Alas again, there's no crosswalk, traffic light, stop sign, or any way of getting *to* Garamond short of dashing across Wynford's five lanes. This is car country and don't you forget it. What a very good thing I didn't try coming here in winter darkness last December.

But all the sakura were in bloom about the JCCC and the inside was thronged with families and booths and people making announcements on loud-speakers. I bought a useful-looking book on Japanese usage from an outfit that apparently *only* sells at JCCC does; I bought a cupcake in a flowerpot; I bought three raffle tickets for the prize of one's choice: a sake set or a tea set or IIRC a box of tea and fine chocolate. Upstairs where the Japanese books were I found a Sumeragi Natsuki manga I'd never heard of, one set in Korea for a change. (This also made me realize how much I'm out of the manga-reading habit. Karin last fall notwithstanding, it seems like years since I've read any. A look at my lj tags shows this is true: manga-_12 has six entries; manga_11 has 13, most of them translations; and there is no manga_13.)

Finally there were sumi-e wall hangings, done by two delicate older ladies; for the same price there was jewellery by the Nozomi Project. My resources are limited, so I went with the latter: a tear-shaped piece of china with a red flower on it, fastened to a thong. It makes me feel most peculiar: the way a tile from Pompeii would, if turned into a pendant.
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