mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sudden spring, now with added vengeance

Sunday night I slept in flannel pants, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, sleep hood, and probably fuzzy socks as well, on flannel sheets, with the windows shut, and grateful not to need the furnace as I did Friday. Wednesday night I slept in a t-shirt, on cotton, with the window fan in the window on high. It's still not oppressively warm. Seasonable, for recent definitions of 'seasonable', because even the Weather Underground, that bases its stats on 1995 to the present and thus has average lows of 11 (to compare with the official "since '38" one of 4.7), records lows of 2 in May.

The university sakura down the street from work, that were buds on Tuesday, were full-blown bloom yesterday, to the delight and surprise of our Japanese parents. My plum is white snow and I must clip a branch to fragrance up my kitchen. I weeded dandelions last night and raked the cherry pits of yesteryear from the not-yet sprouting beds. Must buy garden bags to put them in. And in a fit of spring pro-action, I called the requisite city department to come remove the two derelict bikes locked outside work, a pain always but a disaster in summer when, she sniffs, the amateurs get back on their bikes. 'OK, we'll send a crew to remove them,' the clerk says. 'Will that that be all?' 'Um, don't you need a description of the bicycles?' I suggest mildly. 'So you can tell them from the other bicycles?' that are locked to the bike posts on city property as you ascertained from me at the start? Ah bureaucracy. And ah bureaucracy again: I hope we qualify as city property and not university

Meanwhile Alberta and Thunder Bay are having snow. (Hence those lows of 2) I umm wouldn't mind that either, but I can bicycle in this and so am content. Cannot brunch where I'd like because not only is someone filming on Markham St and one's way is barred every five feet by a (polite and apologetic, I grant you, but then they'd better be) production assistant, but they're filming in my restaurant.
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