mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Seasonal updates

It's almost April and I've had the windows open at night precisely once (and what a muggy stinky night that was too.) In fact I've had the windows open less than five times that I can think of, and invariably not only shut them again but latched them so the cold air wouldn't drift in and make me shiver at night. The furnace only shut off over the weekend; for sure I used it on those below freezing nights last week. And though it's currently supposed to be 12 or so out there, or in the 50sF, I'm feeling just a bit chilly without a sweater, and was happily able to roast a bunch more vegetables for dinner. This is my definition of a successful April.

Now the lilac bush has pointed green tips on it, the plum is wreathed in green mist, and the lethargic cherry tree at least has buds. There are daffodils growing in my front yard which may, with a bit more warmth, flower. (There's a totally unexpected clump of hyacinths in the back yard that *I* didn't plant, so they must be a freebie from the s-i-l.) It's May, or nearly, and now I don't mind if everything buds and blooms and runs riot in its May-like fashion. Thanks for waiting, guys.
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