mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The house giveth and the house taketh away-- but mostly it taketh away

There's only me in this house, right? And there's only me doing laundry here, right? And it's true, sometimes socks wear out and I throw the holey sock away and so that's *maybe* why I have fifteen unmatched socks of various colours and styles.

But how do I lose the sock of a must-match pair, like my expensive compression ones? And how do I lose socks that were together when I wore them last week but, washed, prove to be single? So there goes my long Korean sock, that I wear with my mid-calf spring pants, and I grieve for its passing.

By way of compensation, I find my watch on the front room rug where it evidently fell on April Fool's Day, do not ask me how. How lucky I replaced it with a $10 cheapie. And, err, have I really not watered the philodendron in four weeks? No wonder it looks a little peaked.
Tags: rl_13

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