mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter'

'And the moment after
Weep thy girlish tears.'

Truly there are times I wish the nuns hadn't taught me to memorize poetry.

Is spring. A week ago in winter coat and fleecy and gloves and shivering even in the sun; today in t-shirt and light jacket only because it feels chill when April winds blow, under a light cloud-cover that makes everything look like the humid spring of Tokyo. We shall see how long this lasts.

Started Three Parts Dead which to my delight reads partly like nojojojo and partly like incandescens and my favourite parts of both. Then made me put it down so I could finish the two books due before that, one of which is my French lama and the other of which is Ellen Datlow's Naked City, borrowed because it has about the only Lavie Tidhar that circulates in the TPL system.

Googling about, I find someone grumping, "In an anthology entitled Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy, I don’t think it’s unfair for the reader to expect the story stories to be written in the established urban fantasy style." Yes well; if instead it's fantasy set in an urbs, you'll hear no complaints from me. Am very happy to be spared the European vampires and werewolves and fae and abrasive protagonists that are so much a part of established urban fantasy style. Truly, with the ever-honourary exception of Peter Grant, every protagonist, male or female, of every UF novel I've read recently has been a git. Gittishness is the evident default.

1. Must say that Dresden's notions of what constitutes polite address read very strangely to someone who's been brushing up on their respect Japanese.

2. There *is* a vampire who isn't exactly European, but he isn't his culture's version of a vampire either, which makes me sad. Like, I'm glad you're up on your Finnish folklore and all, but looking a little farther afield wouldn't hurt.

There are, possibly alas, contributions from several people whom I don't read on principle, having been exposed to their LJ entries; also I have no desire to hear more about Richard and Alec at all at all at all. So for practical purposes the book is shorter than it might have been. On the plus paw that means I get to Three Parts Dead faster, but on the minus-- well, so far everything is a much higher quality than I'm used to in anthologies, and I could have wished for more.
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