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Wednesday Reading Meme, now on Thursday

Largely because last night I had a phone call from my bro saying 'Come have dinner with us.' 'Great,' say I, prepared to step over to the porch next door. 'We're at Le Tournesol.' 'Uh but uh but--' 'Just hop on your bike and come on over.' 'Uh but uh but it's raining how do I dress uh but--' 'Dress casual. Come on.' So I did.

Have not had high-scale French food in a long time, let alone half a litre of red wine. Was too woozy to be online, then discovered my usual anti-histamines were in fact no match for coffee at 8 pm. Got up, read Japanese grammar to 3:30, went back to bed, slept until-- 8:30. When sleet was falling and I was awake, whether or no, and needed to go out and salt the nasty stuff. So now I am zombie'd, and all the nasty sleet has melted from the road but is supposed to be replaced by freezing rain this evening. I keep reminding people that it did this ten years ago, and that snowstorms in April are nothing unusual, but truly, *no one* has a weather memory but me.

Maybe tomorrow there will be no morning 'can you work for me?' phone calls and I can indeed sleep in.

What books have you finished this week?
Blackman, Graceful Exits: How Great Beings Die, a compilation of Buddhist death stories. Fun (yes) light reading.

Dinesen, Winter's Tales. Gothic whether she wishes or not. Dinesen's 19th century Danes, in their high-waisted regency dresses or Second Empire crinolines, inhabit an unchancy world that works against the unthinkable freedoms of ancien regime privilege and the narrow restrictions of Protestant decorum alike. One can only say that it's not quite as nightmare a world as 19th century Russia; but that's not saying much.

What are you reading now?
Dick Francis, Wild Horses, from the Front Lawn Library and the Kitchen Table Stack; reward for having finished Child of Fortune.

Probably The Quincunx still; but oh I do not like to read about innocent trusting women preyed on by rapacious lawyers and making mistake after mistake when even their ten year old sons can see the problem; nor do cases in Chancery interest me in the least.

What will you read next?
Mh. I have The Angelic Avengers somewhere in the house, Dinesen's only novel published a little after Winter's Tales. Got nowhere with it 15 years ago, might have better luck now.

OTOH have three Melissa Scotts in another stack somewhere and might have a go at those. Especially since the remaining novel on the kitchen table is Oryx and Crake which... I would rather not.

What books have you acquired this last week?
Lama Surya Das, Buddha is as Buddha does, from the library. Turns out to be a disquisition on the Ten Perfections, and I should probably buy it for slow and close reading.
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