mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'My fragile life'

I wish I had a snowflurries icon, because that's what we've been having yesterday and today, and very pretty they are too. Cold always makes me happy.

Phyllis McGinley also has something called A Ballade of Lost Objects. I know nothing of her losses, but the title resonates. My careless habit of shoving my watch into the outside pocket of the backpack has resulted in me losing my watch-- though memory insists I just took it off somewhere upstairs and put it down. My equal carelessness with my reading glasses has lost me the travelling pair, twice now in fact. And I discover that the one crawling anxiety that meditation is powerless to disperse is that my refrigerator is ceasing to refrigerate correctly.

(ETA: the glasses reappear, impossibly. In coat pocket-- 'oh but those are the ones I took from the living room this afternoon'-- except the living room glasses are sitting on the living room table as ever. Meanwhile, one grey support sock ($45 a pair) has irretrievably vanished. The universe's arithmetic.)

But pitas is back, sort of: the last page in anyone's journal, at least, if not the archive. Which is good, because I'd forgotten when pitas went down.

Oyeyemi- The Opposite House
Cornell- London Falling
Pema Chodron- When Things Fall Apart
Tolkien- The Hobbit
Kittrege- Second Skin
Oyeyemi- White is for Witching
Lee- The Agency: a spy in the house
Kirino- Real Life
Manley- The Plum Rain Scroll
Butcher- Grave Peril
Bogarde- West of Sunset

Four white male authors in a month is a bit odd, but three of them have major CoCs: though one might wish Bogarde hadn't.
Tags: reading_13, rl_13, verse

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