mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Another Wednesday

What have you just finished reading?
Butcher, Grave Peril, #3 in Harry Dresden. Meh. Man consistently calls a dais a dias.

What are you currently reading?
Have I given up on My Name is Red? Possibly. I foresee terrible trouble; which is to say, patriarchal societies tend to punish women who evince agency. I have no assurance (or confidence) that Pamuk doesn't agree with this. Hence I am reluctant to continue.

Pema Chodron, The Wisdom of No Escape. A bit beyond me yet.

What will you read next?
Harrison, The Pastel City, first of the Viriconium books. There's still The Quincunx waiting, which is probably the kind of book I don't want to read in spring.

What books, if any, have you given up on?
Singh, Archangel's Kiss
--which see

Lautreamont, Malodor Maldoror.
--have been trying to get through this since the 70s. Is not going to happen. Thought it might be better in French, found the French online, could make neither head nor tail of it. Sounds better, yes, but is still self-indulgent adolescence at its worst.

What books, if any, have you acquired this week?
An ancient book on Japanese public gardens, or teien, from the sidewalk on Saturday, just for the nostalgia factor. The Silmarillion in non-smelly paperback. To replace the smelly Silmarillion I put out myself on Sunday, except that I didn't. That was Unfinished Tales, which I'd had out on the front porch table to air, dropped in the box when I came in that evening, and put the lot out unthinking next day. Someone picked it up to flog to a second hand bookstore, which won't take it because it smells and it lacks the map, which I'd removed.
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