mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Slow Friday

Was all happy about TIFF Lightbox having mid-day shows of Up on Poppy Hill, the latest Miyazaki/ Ghibli. Then discovered that I'd been handed the early afternoon shift today, which never happens, and that the noon showing was dubbed. So am going at 4:30 on Sunday. Whatever it's like, the cityscapes are natsukashii spot on.

The Plum Rain Scroll turns out to be a charming and fun read. Will not go looking for the sequels, as my library Hopscotch instincts tell me to, but am enjoying it while it lasts. (That's Cortazar's Hopscotch, BTW. One doesn't read it sequentially but randomly. My last years' reading was quite a lot of 'person A mentions this book in her lj so I get it from the library. Then I find person B talking about it and referring to another book it reminded her of so I go read that. And since it's a Scandinavian book I then read some Dineson off the shelf.' Book chains, basically.)

Am such a 'winter kept us warm' person. So happy with the snow showers and the cold nights and the furnace's purr. Waking up is like waking in the fall, knowing that loveliness exists outside the windows rather than Toronto's usual tat. (Not that I want to wake up in winter, unlike the fall. Warm cozy bed and warm cozy flannel and all those pillows yum.) I strive for Buddhist non-clinging to this present happiness, and remember also that if all winter we'd had snow in quantity (2008) or freezing rain (2005) I'd be yearning to get out of boots and onto bike. But for now it makes me feel the way I used to feel.
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