mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Last train, anyone?

Tokyo Eidan, I apologize. Commutation ticket is indeed proper English, even if outdated (first known use: 1848), and not a mistake for 'commuter pass'. "A commutation ticket was the American term for a season ticket."

(Also I hadn't noticed that the Eidan (帝都高速度交通営団) is now Tokyo Metro (東京地下鉄株式会社), though what differences it make I'm not sure.)

This segues into my visit yesterday to the Toronto Reference Library for an exhibit of Holmesiana. Small and a touch scattershot-- Strand covers, sketches, movie posters, miniature editions, tea pots even. Gems from the TRL's larger collection, I assume. The most enlightening article, and what I'd really like for myself, was a map of where the Underground ran in the 1890s, largely because it allowed me to place various neighbourhoods that in modern maps fade into pale lettering so you can read the street names.
Tags: holmes, japan, language, place, rl_13

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