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Five things: reading

1. Reading journals are dangerous things. I have two regulars: Things Mean A Lot and A Striped Armchair. Was secretly a little relieved when RL issues intervened in their keepers' keeping, but there's still, alas, the back archives. A Striped Armchair is especially dangerous for its lists of books that relate to this book.

2. Not sure when my life's goal became Read All The Things, but it does seem to be what occupies my time these days-- my fandom in the absence of a true fannish time occupier. I'd hoped that getting library books would impose some order and limit: books must be returned therefore must be read by a certain date therefore maybe I should read instead of playing solitaire? Hasn't worked that well. I still have the acquiring addiction, and the stacks of unread books has now taken over the kitchen table. Clearly what I need to work on is that maternal reflex, 'you never know when you may need this'. I never know when I may want to read LeGuin so yay for the five volumes left out on the Front Lawn Library.

3. The FLL provided me with a Stevie Smith novel whose first ten pages enchanted me. Never thought to read a white author who reminds me of Amos Tutuola's Palm Wine Drinkard. But it's a sequel-- and possibly a dark one-- and I dither about getting the first volume. Which must come from the library, because no one else has it.

4. So what I'm currently reading is London Falling and When Things Fall Apart, which complement each other in a way I'd have thought impossible.

5. When people talk of comfort reading, I usually think of books from my childhood-- the Marlows, E Nesbit, Mara Daughter of the Nile-- stuff I used as comfort reading in my twenties-- or Chrestomanci, Avram Davidson, or Soseki, from my 30s; or Discworld from a mere five years ago. Comfort books have been read so often they read themselves, basically. But now my go-to comfort books are Point of Dreams or all of the Rivers of London. The commonality between them is that new details emerge no matter how often I've read them, the protagonists are likable people, and there's a complicated world or back story to be figured out from casual thrown-away remarks. 'And it's very very hard to find a book like that.' Manga, yes-- which is why 100 Demons is my comfort manga series. Well, or Kurotsubaki.
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