mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Arang and the Magistrate finito

Finished. Very very nice: twisty to the end. Lotsa tears along the way, which I'm told is to be expected of Korean dramas, but which worked here because the actors were OMG so good at what they did. Lee Joon-gi, who played the snarky and oh so beautiful magistrate, I discover also played the oh so beautiful clown in The King and the Clown. Which sounds too dark for me, so I must content myself with Iljimae instead.

But I doubt that anything could be as Karin-ish as this, with Jade Emperors and female Immortals and Kings of the Underworld and heavenly goats (and a beautiful twist on the heavenly goat at the end) vying with young men learning responsibility Down Here, and corrupt lords being one-upped not once but twice by our magistrate's wise and powerful father. (Only eastern historical dramas ever play to my father issues, but the Japanese ones do it non-stop.) I see from the bbs that a number of the young fen thought Arang got damped down in the latter part of the series, but I thought the actress did a beautiful job of showing a very young and impulsive woman maturing in a very short time.

Excellent series. Would watch again.
Tags: china, film, karin_mangaka

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