mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Sorrows of Reading

I love Kate Griffin, none more, but she does suffer from glossolalia. As Griffin she can get away with it; as Catherine Webb, she's bogging down my kid's book and not adding anything.

London Falling is making me sad. It begins with a pair of undercover cops and their handler, and from a couple of shifting viewpoints makes it clear that none of them like or trust the other. Raid on the Big Baddy goes down, as planned and successfully. Suddenly everyone is very much aware that there is a bad apple in the police corps. I've been through those opening sections twice and still can't see why they came to that conclusion. Nor why Undercover 1 breaking his cover exonerates him from any suspicions his boss has of him. Something's happening here and I don't know what it is, do I, Ms Jones?

Meanwhile am sad that The Guy Who Doesn't Get The Girl in Arang doesn't get the girl, because he's so polite and well-spoken. Always bows to the Magistrate (his rival) even when his father is twitting said magistrate on his illegitimate birth; does not respond with masculine chest-thumpings when magistrate rudely tells him to get lost and leave Arang alone; and asks Arang if she can spare him a moment of her time instead of grabbing her wrist and yanking her off as the magistrate does, and phrases his overture as 'I wonder if you could see your way to giving me your heart?' instead of the magistrate's  'If I want to hold you, I'm going to hold you; if I want to love you, I'm going to love you.' (And why couldn't Arang have responded to his tentative proposal with 'Actually, I have precisely one month to live, and I'm not getting attached to anyone', instead of 'I'll pretend you didn't say that'? Possibly some sort of Korean good manners are involved, but still.)

Of course, it's possible no one will get the girl  (see: one month to live before she's haled off to the next world, possibly to suffer the tortures of the damned) but as this is half romantic comedy, my money's not on it. Then again, what do I know about the conventions of Korean drama? If this was mainland Chinese I'd be betting that All Ends Badly. That it reminds me half the time of Hong Kong dramas is no guarantee of anything.
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