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1. Such is my interest in politics that it comes as news to me that our new provincial premier is gay. Am moderately pleased, as I was pleased at a woman being elected head of the Liberal party, except that Canadian parties only elect women to head them when they're clearly on course to lose the next election after the male head has irretrievably alienated the voters. OTOH I may remain hopeful that the true red-neck heading up the Conservatives causes such a frisson of 'chaos come again' that the province will go for the devil they know.

2. Saturday I went down to Lil Smith, the library near work, to see their Lunar New Year celebrations. The athletic two-man lion dance was a hit, but I gave the martial arts demo a miss and cruised for books (that I couldn't check out until the demo was over and the lobby was clear, natch.) New Jonathan Spence, or new to me, about a man who fell with the Ming empire and spent the next 40+ years constructing the memory of his life at its peak. My kind of guy.

Then went down to the basement where two senior gentlemen were brushing good luck calligraphy on red paper scrolls. Got the 龙马精神 one (or rather, this being Toronto, 龍馬精神): dragon horse energy, cause I need it. Waited through a long long bilingual forecast for the next year (Oxen apparently will have it good) for the music and dance recital. Which was well enough, but I'd misread the pamphlet and thought there'd be an erhu player, and there wasn't. Pipa and Gu Zheng (biwa and koto to me) and as with the Japanese versions, I prefer the lute-like former to the harp-like latter. Third instrumenttook me a while to find online. 阮, which they anglicized as wan, that the dictionary says is ruan and yuan in Cantonese. Alas, I don't remember seeing that one at all, but there *was* a kind of bulbous flute one of the dancers played in mid-dance, yet.

As last year, I finished the afternoon with dumplings at Mother's Dumplings, better this time because I limited myself. But their steamed buns are still not as good as Lawson's steamed buns, alas.

3. I'd intended to go to the 10 pm showing of a Japanese film down at the Lightbox, which is having three Japanese film festivals running simultaneously if sporadically. But it had started snowing and I wimped out, and will never find that film elsewhere, obviously. Why must the Lightbox be so far downtown and not around the corner at Bloor and Bathurst, I mourn.

4. Upshot was that having said I was unavailable Saturday, I had my date with the Little Girls last night in bitter bitter cold and frozen ice-covered sidewalks, because no one shovelled the inch or so of snow that fell the night before. Is warmer today, and I suppose I should ignore my shoulder twinges and chop some ice from the church ahead of tomorrow's 'mixed precipitation.' Or not.

Stayed up to 1 watching Arang after coming home and slept till 11 this morning, woken only by the usual spam call from 'Microsoft Offices, we have run a scan of your computer' blah blah blah.
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