mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Came home to a very pink plum-branch pattern envelope in the mailbox. (Well, maybe it's cherries, but this is *plum* season.) Turns out to be the book that was written for me: a signed copy of East Dragon, West Dragon, about, well, an eastern dragon and a western one.

East Dragon has eight brothers and sisters. They all live in the emperor's palace, where East Dragon practises his calligraphy. "East Dragon liked the emperor, who was quiet, wise, and always took the excellent advice of dragons." (Oh, if only.) West Dragon lives all alone in a cave and is constantly bothered by kings' champions. "Nothing made a cave smell nastier than roast knight."

"West Dragon thought East Dragon was a snob. East Dragon thought West Dragon was a slob." Pretty much it in a nutshell.

Love it. Thanks so much, Magnus and Nick!
Tags: dragons, reading_13

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