mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wednesday meme

What I just read: because I'm a masochist, no.3 in the Spellcrackers series, The Overdramatically Operatic Title Bitter Seed of Magic. No, things do not get clearer. Yes there are more blinding leaps of logic ('She has a grandson?! Then she must have had *two* children!!!' But why? The one child we know about could have fathered her grandson. And so on.) McLeod has betas and editors and fans; and so I must assume it's my fault I can't follow the heroine's thinking and the blood relationships and no **why** must one or more of her grandchildren be vampires just because she herself seems to have a vampire mind control in place etc etc. There are two more in the series but forgeddid, I'm done.

What I'm reading now: Yiyun Li, Gold Boy, Emerald Girl. I loved the opening novella, Kindness, but the next two stories are a bit too New Yorker. Shall forge ahead now I'm (ha ha) done with trash paranormal.

Also Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart. Doubtless she makes sense, and a lot of people I know think she's the bee's knees, but there's something about her tone that gets up my nose. 'Why sit there repeating affirmations to yourself when you could just *see*?!' Uh, no. Whatever anyone says about sudden satori, just seeing doesn't happen for the asking. 'Despair! Despair is what it's all about! Accept that there's no way out, no one to take care of you, that you're doomed to die, and then you'll become a gentler better human.' This, from a Tibetan Buddhist, is downright weird.

What I'll read next: the next two books in the Magic or Madness trilogy.
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