mjj (flemmings) wrote,

No, I don't know why these weeks are all 'Tuesday? Only Tuesday?! It's gotta be Thursday by now!!' A lot of very long Mondays, I suppose, even without the early morning phone calls. (I've unplugged the bedroom phone just in case someone intends calling me.)

Was going to spend the evening reading on the couch. Spent the evening playing Addiction Solitaire and worrying about why my soon-to-be-ex insurance company withdrew their premium after the first, and $13 more than usual. Shall call the broker tomorrow and hope for an answer. Am trying to be Buddhist about these frets: sub speciem aeternitatis insurance premiums are as grains of sand. Maybe it's the gnawing feeling that by now I should know *all about* things like insurance, and I don't. Should be happy that I've reached the point where I can make phone calls without much distress. Took me at least three decades to get there, but here I more or less am.
Tags: rl_13

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