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Hmm. Do I want to pay close to $20 for a half hour film of Tamasaburo Bandou dancing The Heron Maid? Do I want to pay close to $25 for two hour Kabuki films? Kabuki is so not my thing; somehow I think not.

Equally, do I want to spend an hour on a bus to see Always Sunset on Third Street about nostalgic Tokyo? I've gone farther for Japanese films, but that was close on forty years ago.

Found an address for the legendary One Lucky bar that I frequented in my early Tokyo days, the spring and summer of 1991. My memories of where it is, or was, are vague: we always went at night, and in the dark it felt like you walked through fields to a river of some kind. Which is flatly impossible in Ikebukuro. (Apparently there are, or were, fields within the Yamanote in living memory, but not in Ikebukuro, no.) Google maps and Street View reveal that the walled-off Whatever which ended the road that One Lucky was on, was in fact Yamate-doori. Maybe I never got close enough to hear the cars there. The street view trucks seem not to have travelled down any of these roads near Kaname-chou, so perhaps they really are as dark and unpeopled as I remember them being.

The books keep saying, "Listen to Buddhist chants and be inspired." Buddhist chants sound to me like the blandest western pop or Chinese similar. I suppose I was expecting something between Gregorian and Noh chants.
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