mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The gripes of wrath

(I know. Someone must have used that before me and said this before me. Kamawan'. It's my turn now.)

Would it be so difficult for livejournal to distinguish between 'people I want to read' and 'people I want to read me'? I know there are filters, but it's extra steps to add people to filters when I've friended them, and extra steps to go to 'custom' when I post what ought to be a simple friends-locked post. Ordinarily I just go to the journal itself to read someone I don't feel like addressing, but there's this current fashion for eye-searing colours and tiny fonts. If I want them in black on white, I have to friend them. Pfui.

(PS: The gripes are not sweetened by the current rabbit-eyed headcold-and-allergy cocktail.)
Tags: lj

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