mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Should go sweep away the snow. Was rather hoping God would do it for me.

Surely I must have book-marked this index of Holmes pastiche before? There are 300+ Holmes novels, plus innumerable short stories. I could read nothing else until I'm 70 and still not be done.

Problem with swiss cheese memory: I forget who it was recc'd Kingdoms of Elfin and who it was found Sylvia Townsend Warner's coldness a turn-off. Seems I'm with the latter. I've no idea why the stories fail me. Not simply Pound's 'sort of emotional anemia': I can do just fine with style and literary artifice instead of feeling. (See Davidson, Avram and Firbank, Ronald for examples.) But these... are stick-dry and bloodless, thus emotionally lowering. A cheap shot to say they were published in the New Yorker what else would you expect-- but there's some truth in that.
Tags: holmes, reading_13, rl_13
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