mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Life's minor annoyances- Mozilla prompting me to update my plug-ins every time I open Firefox. Your plug-ins, dear Mozarilla, work only with 'Firefox 4 and above' which I have every intention of avoiding. Go away, nanny browser, or I'll start using Chrome; except that Chrome has its idiocies as well. Like no Favourites list.

Meanwhile I'm not watching the last episode of Sherlock, because after I've watched the last episode of Sherlock there will be no more episodes to watch. The Epicurean's dilemma, basically: the pleasure of anticipation infinitely delayed vs the pleasure enjoyed and thus destroyed.

So instead I read Anno Dracula, which is not a grammatical title but I doubt Kim Newman cares. Fun in its LoEG-style referential of everything late 19th century. Almost a joke: 'Fu Manchu and Raffles walk into an underground cellar...' (Someone in that scene was pre-dated, I seem to recall, but can't remember whom.) I haven't yet googled the protagonist, and shall judge the book on whether it works if you don't get the references. Well, it did work: I've never read Dracula so didn't recognize the PM and his assistant. AD's in the same vein as Silverlock, which I loved when I was 17, so can't say, 45 years later, if John Myers Myers actually did bring it off.
Tags: history, holmes, reading_13, rl_13, techy

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