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Today's pithy quote

metaphortunate nails it:
The other reason is that I tend to avoid Famous Important Narratives of Resistance by Oppressed Dudes because in my experience they tend to explore the depths of human nature and the cruelty and resilience and cowardice and anger and nobility in all people except for women, who get dragged in occasionally for real people to have sex with. (Elie Wiesel, Malcolm X, I'm talking to you.)
Same goes for those 'great masters of portraying the human condition' like Saul Bellow, where both the critic and the novelist believe that the set 'human' does not include the subset 'female.' And *know* that they're excluding half of humanity: 'of course he's pants at writing women' one blithely appended to his encomium of the master's universality. (Well, not those words, but that's what he menat.)
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