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Quem lectores laudavere

I am pleased to know that I read at the speed of Aristotle and St Augustine, though I'd be more pleased to make that 'Plato and Hypatia.'

OTOH reading like Hypatia is a problem when confronted with 600+ pages of T'ang dynasty murder and madness. So I'm sort of swiftly reading Deception, and cursing all blurb writers to perdition. 'It begins simply enough. In the capital, Lady Wu and her evil mother are plotting against the Empress...' No it does not, rottit. It begins that way if you read so fast you forget the first sixty-five pages, because up till that it's an interesting enough Judge Dee mystery. I shall probably start skimming when I meet evil Lady Wu and her evil mother. Anyway, isn't characterizing someone as 'evil' a sure tip-off that the approach is just that little bit less than subtle?

Why then, for my commute reading, do I choose Caitlin Kittredge's Black London series, replete with demons and uber-demons and a protagonist more unlikable than Felix Castor? And why do I continue to read it after discovering that the only circulating copy takes place in Los Angeles? I am full of fail.

As when I got the automated phone call yesterday-- 'The Toronto Public Library has one or more books on hold for the customer with the initials MJ etc etc.' Er? I have nothing on hold. I *trust* I have nothing on hold, because I copped two books from them last week and three books this week (and a third as a birthday present from incandescens on Wednesday) and that will occupy Hypatia for more than three weeks, thank you. Hoping for a glitch in the system I bicycled there yesterday on my break (which I didn't actually have but no one had made that sufficiently clear to me, what with school boards calling strike days on Thursday and rescinding them at 7 am Friday morning and no one knowing what they were doing in consequence.)

And there on the hold shelf is Anno Draculi. I order books in my sleep, is what.
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