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1. Snow is for the young. It makes my feet hurt, my ankles hurt, my knees scream, and for some reason gives me cramps on the inside of my thighs the way nothing has done since riding a horse when I was 11. And I walked in it all today and all yesterday, and will be walking in it for quite some time to come. The only good thing about snow is being able to shovel it away. And I can't do that because a very little careful cleaning makes my neck nerves twinge warningly. So I shall be sliding over many people's churned-up slush as well.

2. The BBC Sherlock is marvellous for taking me Elsewhere. I have no idea why this should be so. I'm a little discomfited that it's also made the original impossible to read. Maybe the taste for Holmes will come back when the taste of Cumberbatch has left my brain.

3. It's been years since I've read fanfic in quantity. Partly I haven't had fandoms that needed it. If I want more Pratchett, say, Pratchett himself provides. Or else I've wanted it-- 100 Demons, say-- but practically no one was writing. But now I've been through AO3's collection of Rivers of London fics because I very much want more Peter, and Aaronovitch isn't providing it fast enough, and other people are. The quality varies, but I remember now what the inescapable lure of doujinshi was, ten and twenty years ago. More of these marvellous people, and maybe someone else's take on what they're all about. Most satisfying.

Which reminds me that I should see if anyone wrote Points fic. Which is a case in, um, point. It exists, but to date hasn't scratched whatever particular itch I have. More doesn't do it with the Points, alas. New and useful is what I want, and generally what I've seen hasn't been either. No, actually, I want more settei-- more background-- and that's not something fanfic is good at providing.
Tags: fandom, health, holmes, points, pratchett, rivers, rl_12

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