mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yule birds

I've had an interest in the unfortunately named turducken since reading about it some time in the early 80s. I have the recipe from then too, tucked away in some cookbook. (In those carnivorous days there was no talk of the even more unfortunately named vegetarian version, the tofucken-- unless someone is pulling wikipedia's leg about that last one.)

I never thought I'd get to eat one; the work of deboning three birds (or four, or five) is not for me. But then my once mainstream-but-honest Italian super, which is now Yuppie Central, got in frozen versions stuffed with sausage meat in various combinations-- for a mere $120. Which is, yanno, *doable*, except that I never met a frozen bird that cooked properly without brining, and brining a stuffed turducken seems a recipe for disaster.

Yuppies step up to the plate. The super now has its own unfrozen turducken, a tremendous beast that wouldn't fit into, oh say, next door's convection oven. (Next door has had to borrow my oven when their birds get too big.) Unfrozen turducken goes for a mere $300.

Not gonna happen.
Tags: food

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