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First 'enough snow for boots' yesterday, though roads were clear enough to bike by afternoon. And did, over to The Mall, just to have the experience of what malls are like the weekend before Christmas. Well no-- because two of our parents gave me a very generous gift card for Winners and I need flannel pants to sleep in. Got two pairs, a small present for next door, and have a balance on the card.

Otherwise I'd have bought one of those foam rollers both mvrdrk and my acupuncturist recommend for tight shoulders and legs: but 6 inch diameter looked awfully *big* to roll around on, and I intend to see if there are smaller, as there certainly are cheaper. (When I looked for foam rollers last summer at Walmart, with no idea what they were, I came away with one of those foam swimming tubes for kids. Which is still uncomfortable to roll on, besides not rolling that well. And if you expect me to balance myself on my elbow and forearm to use it, as per the photo in the first link, forget it. My arms don't do that stuff.)

Maybe the snow, maybe advanced age, maybe whatever it is that still makes the world spin a little when I bend over or lie down, but I was intensely fuzzy yesterday. At the mall I remembered I needed a supplement, went into the health food store there, looked carefully through the ginkgo biloba offerings before I remembered that what I wanted was uhh what was it called? glucosamine. And bought glucosamine for relatively cheap. And didn't realize till this morning that I always take glucosamine with chondroitin because glucosamine alone doesn't cut it. There may be a reason why I slept till nearly noon this morning after going to bed not that late last night- 1 or 2, no more than that. Well, cold pills and muscle relaxants enter into it, but I certainly didn't *feel* doped at any point in the proceedings.
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