mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In which I am domestic

"The best thing for being in a foaming fury", Merlin said, "is to clean something." (I was in a foaming fury for the usual RL reasons, boosted by my body's best efforts to lay me low with oh I dunno-- the usual December sinus infection, I fancy. Some things mindfulness meditation has no power to cure.)

Thus I cleaned, washing the dishes and vacuuming the rugs, and then rifled through the various catchall baskets scattered around the house on the off-chance that one of them might contain my lost address book. No luck, but I found my 2011 day book, that had many of the missing addresses in the back, and a folder of dragon stamps. So I wrote a bunch more Christmas cards and called that accomplishment, or more accomplishment than bad-temperedly reading the sequel to The Janissary Tree and doggedly refusing to write Christmas cards.

Nice if the dragon stamps had been local instead of international, but OTOH the int'l stamps the PO gave me were Titanic centenary ones. For people who aren't even allowed to read books during family hols because the word sounds like 'lose', I'm sure Titanic stamps would negate all my words of seasonal cheer, so probably as well. And apologies to people who got Titanic ones.
Tags: dragons, reading_12, rl_12, xmas

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