mjj (flemmings) wrote,

One thing after another

After an excellent and unscheduled chiropractic treatment this morning, I indulged in a new address book (because I can't find my old one) and a new daybook for 2013 with month at a glance and daily entries, which is the holy grail of daybooks. The sun shone, my bank was having a bake sale to help a food bank so I copped some gingerbread, and I was heading happily to work-- was walking up the path, actually-- when something went sproing in my neck, and I've had the stabbities in the left shoulder blade ever since. Am ativanned, have acupuncture in tomorrow's freezing rain, think the world sucks rather. Open computer to find the world justifying this belief.

OTOH there's Shoha's haiku:

To wake, alive, in this world,
what happiness!
Winter rain.

I haven't managed to find the Japanese even after going through a dozen pages of his haiku. Knew it was useless when I wondered why he wrote about intestinal inflammation (腸炎), not once but several times, and the thing was highlighted as a season word. Of course it was the very poetic kagerō/ heat haze (陽炎) which I vaguely recall is a different phenomenon from our heat haze, or was in the eighteenth century when pollution was minimal. Now AFAIC there's no difference: the shimmery air that hangs over distant objects in Tokyo summers is always grey.
Tags: japan, religion, rl_12, verse

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