mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Having finished Dodger I turned my attention to Horatio Lyle, only to find myself reading an AU version of the Pratchett. Early Victorian England, scheming young thieves, hijinx in high places, smelly detectivating dogs... or maybe the smelly part is from Rivers of London? I don't complain, but it *is* odd. Still better than 61 Nails, which I continue to hack at, waiting for the Sensa Place to emerge. So far it is not doing so.

The Cure of Souls
Seventy-seven Clocks
Ten Ssecond staircase
The Sweet Scent of Blood
The Cold Kiss of Death
The Gods of Manhattan

FMA 24-26 (trans)
Stray Souls
Jack Maggs
Tags: pratchett, reading_12, rivers

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