mjj (flemmings) wrote,

These are the days of miracles and wonder

On my-- what? third? fourth? rereading of Rivers of London it occurs to me that the action would be clearer if I could actually see what St Paul's Church and Covent Garden and the Royal Opera House looked like in relation to each other. And lo! Streetview appears and shows me just that. For once, much more useful than a map.

The major condom manufacturers are packaging and selling lube these days. And not only lube, I discover while eying the oddly large boxes in the 'family planning' section. Bullet vibrators, finger vibrators, and something I haven't quite figured out but am not about to pay 29.95 plus 13% sales tax to unravel. But it's cheering to know that if I get a yen for these things, I can buy them at Loblaws at the end of my street.

*Oh* LJ. I wouldn't use your new style anyway-- 'Paid reposts'? Dear god. But the text in new is pixillated beyond bearing, and drop-down tag completion *and* the preview function are missing from both versions. Cut tags now take you to a new screen-- no more expand and collapse. Gah. Get it out of beta *before* you release it, twits.
Tags: lj, rivers, rl

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