mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The great dry desert of mid-week

Especially when one has left one's current reading at work. Replacement reading is Tananarive Due's Blood Colony or Natsuo Kirino's Real World, both of which are utter downers-- though I hadn't realized Blood Colony is third in a series.

Sinuses hurt, neck tendons hurt, can't wake up in the morning: a normal November. Everyone else is sick and calls me in to work for them, which is money, at least, but also never enough sleep. The lovely warm(ish) weather continues, at a cost of raging leaf mould everywhere; in two days' time it'll be wintry but at least I might wake up. I have not replaced my computer battery or bought the new lenses I need or got a replacement bulb for the one that periodically turns itself off (maybe this is what those super-saver twisty bulbs do when they get old? The ones that don't explode in a shower of mercury, I mean.) And so we stagger down to the end of the year.
Tags: rl_12

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