mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Started Stray Souls

Thank you, Kate Griffin. Urban uh 'fay' vampires who floss before every meal, vet the plat de jour via questionnaires ('HIV status, communicable diseases, and of course blood group'), and kvetch about the diets of their food these days ('Not enough leafy greens') are exactly what I needed to counteract Suzanne McLean. *That's* what urban fantasy is all about, not picture perfect studly studs.

Which said-- barely does Matthew Swift appear on the scene than he's advising someone to run. There's these things that my Dutch friends call stop words (and called them that in the 80s at least, long before search engines, but maybe from early programming languages?) It's 'the thing someone always says.' 'Run' is Matthew's. Perhaps he should swap it in for 'think'.
Tags: place, reading_12, rivers

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