mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'Delayed reader' syndrome

My grasshopper memory means I can't easily read WIPs. I need that 'in our last thrilling episode/ manga chapter/ tankoubon/ volume' reference for absolutely everything. I do want to read the ending of FMA, but I hesitate because it involves reading the last ten vols of FMA. At least. And every new Aaronovitch requires rereading the previous Aaronovitch. At least. And so on.

So with the Invisible Library. After scattershot reading of chapters as they came out, I finally had the brilliant notion of c&p'ing them all into a .doc file and printing it out for sofa reading / quick reference. (Mind does a particularly bad job of parsing and remembering stuff on a screen. Thus Saiyuki eps don't quite register until I have the paper copy in my hands, and then I can also see what the Japanese is saying.) Scrapped the print idea when the first ten chapters turned out to be 66 pages long. But did finish compiling the .doc file and spent all last week reading the Invisible Library, and wished I had a print copy because by the end I'd forgotten what Vale's problem with his family was. Is why I will never buy a Kindle.

But as I was falling asleep Sunday night, in great astonishment I realized why Kai is called Kai. Yes, it only took several years. I'd always vaguely assumed it was a Welsh name vaguely connected, maybe, to the Welsh dragon-- helped by Irene meeting, you know, a red dragon-- and thought incandescens' mention of working in my tradition meant the dragons' generally patriarchal setup.

Ah well. So now of course I'm intensely pleased and looking forward to more. And may be a bit quicker on the uptake next arc, but don't count on it.
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