mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I'm supposed to be in New York at the moment. You see that I'm not. So much for that.

But! Thanks to incandescens I have played my first video game, if that's what it is. Phoenix Wright, complete with cheesy English puns and scrabble-scrabble-scrabble background music. Video games have got reading Japanese beat for ensuring a sound eight hours of brain-fried sleep. I can only guess what playing video games in Japanese does to you, but I suspect medical intervention is needed to wake up next day.

We hit all my usual second-hand bookstores several times in the course of a wet four days. This has almost satisfied my book shopping craving for the month week. Am currently reading through Aaronovitch's rec list of urban fantasy detectives. (I note that booksellers and librarians are often at a loss where to put these. Half are shelved under mysteries at the TPL.) I'm also re-re-re-reading Rivers of London because no one does it-- I won't say 'as well', but 'as much to my tastes' as Aaronovitch.

To which end, note my sad reading stats for October:

Karin 15-17
Moon over Soho
Invisible Cities
Whispers Underground

I can't believe I finished nothing in the last two weeks, but housecleaning and guests do take up time.
Tags: karin_mangaka, reading_12, rivers, rl_12

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