mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"And I said oh oh oh oh oh oh oh what a feeling"

Nick Kauffman reports on seeing the film of Led Zeppelin's 2007 concert. I am awash in nostalgia. Not for Led Zeppelin, whom I somehow missed during the 70s. (Must have been listening to the wrong radio stations.) But for Tokyo in the mid-90s when I was reading Eroica yori ai wo komete. The names, dear god, the names-- James, Bonham, John-Paul. And of course Dorian himself:
Robert Plant, well, he looks exactly the same because he’s a fucking rock god and will outlive all of us.
So he does, bar the beard. And he lives on in all those 80s&90s shoujo manga-- Eroica, Belne, Swan-- where there's a character with long blond ringlets modelled on Robert Plant.
Tags: manga, music
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