mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Nothing ever happens mid-week

I went to the ears nose and throat specialist about my swollen eustachian tubes and the chronic blockage therefrom. Specialist says my ears, like my hearing, are just fine. Swelling comes from grinding of teeth at night. Night guard is not doing its duty. Oh woe is me.

Finished Invisible Cities. Feel like reading more 80s Picadors from the back room. But I have the likes of Russell Hoban and Randolph Stow there, nightmare producers all. Also 80s books by white male writers date badly. All those women-as-other in Invisible Cities were getting on my nerves. Truly, the dancing girls and odalisques are not singing to you, Signor Calvino.

Should probably track down En-ou's hissy cow in Second Taiki, vol 2 thereof I believe. Should probably not be rereading Aaronovitch yet again, because I'm not doing Yuletide. Much less should I be wondering what Lady Ty makes of the Midnight Mayor.

Oh yes, the mysterious disappearing new Kate Griffin. amazon.com will not ship it to Canada. amazon.ca says it's out of stock. indigo.com says it can be pre-ordered. And Bakka had never heard of it. When the clerk looked it up he said in puzzlement, 'All our suppliers say they have it, they just haven't shipped it to us.' Which was apparently a big enough deal that he then collared his boss to tell her about it as well. Will appear somewhere, eventually, but right now it looks like a conspiracy to keep it under wraps. Which is not Hachette's style.
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