mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My television dates from 1996, my VCR from the same date, my DVD player from 2003. I am not, to put it mildly, a visual person. That's why they've all been gathering dust since approximately 2008, the last time I marathoned anything. (That, and the fiddly vexatious resetting of channels etc needed because I don't have cable and do have frequent brief blackouts that unset everything.) But I figured that I was wasting my life playing online solitaire, and so every half hour of Addiction Solitaire (and there are many such during my day) must be matched by a half hour of DVDs or whatever.

Thus I am watching the last disk of Twelve Kingdoms, the one I didn't want to watch until I'd read the book. I don't think I'll ever read the book now, since 2010's half-blind foray into the series left me scarred for life, so might as well watch. But 12K gives me the oogies, frankly, and not merely because reading the books tends to coincide with unhappy periods in my life. As I say every time I talk about 12K, that world is not a happy place. So I shall be very happy when Upright But Not-The-King is safely murdered by Wastrel Is-The-King and everyone can take their hard feelings to bed with them.

OTOH it *is* very nostalgic to be watching anime again, in a sort of 1997 Utena or 2000 Saiyuuki fashion.
Tags: 12kingdoms, anime

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