mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh yes, alright. Here we are, p.28 of Moon Over Soho, Peter talking of course:
And I would have been doing at least one of those things the next morning if I hadn't also been the last bleeding apprentice wizard in England.
Clearly the French publishers had reason. But since the end of the book alters the state that obtains at the beginning, I *still* think they could have called it something else.

(You know, I like this new type of LJ cut where you don't go to a different page to see what's under the cut, and you can make cut text vanish again if you like. But in the old system, if there was a cut, the editing icons appeared above the entry. Now they don't unless someone has commented. If they haven't, one must click through any number of steps to be able to add tags or whatever. A pain.)
Tags: lj, reading_12, rivers, techy

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